Privacy Policy

Warranty Policy

During the warranty period, the purchaser may contact PTS technical support on the number mentioned on the website to report any concern about product defects.

Service under warranty shall be available during PTS Business Hours.

Installation and commissioning Norms:

  • Inspection of the site before the installation of the UPS
  • Battery inter-connecting with the appropriate size of cable, plugs, and connectors
  • Proper placement of battery bank and connecting of UPS system
  • Installation and commissioning of the UPS system, which includes configuration and setting of parameters, testing of the system on load
  • Providing operational level training to the customer
  • Conducting the backup test of the UPS unit on the successful installation
  • Re-commission the unit on customer demand in the same premises or other shifted location. The transportation of the unit and its accessories will be within the customer’s scope.

Default in payment

In case of default in payment to the company, the company reserves the right to bring the business under penalty terms or takes legal action and terminates the business with the customer if the issue is not settled amicably.