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We at PTS have innovated & integrated systems which are scalable, highly customizable & yet user friendly. Following are the features of CCTV camera systems: Designing of any complex requirement

  • Effective management of real-time CCTV video : Video analytics allows you to effectively manage multiple CCTV cameras within a system. Software’s watch the cameras and notifies you when action needs to be taken. This requires fewer security personnel to watch more cameras than a standard CCTV system.
  • Intelligent motion detection : Video analytics software is based on various algorithms that will analyze the video to determine the type of motion. This means your CCTV system will only look for the true motion of a person or vehicle.
  • Number plate recognition : Detect automobile license plates that can then be integrated in the system for behavior monitoring. It also allows cameras within the CCTV system to determine the direction the vehicles are heading towards.
  • Object recognition : Within a CCTV system, monitor any and every missing or unwanted objects.
  • Auto-tracking motion with PTZ cameras : Combined with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras within a CCTV system, you can enable auto-tracking capabilities or real-time tracking.

Various brand options to choose from to give best suited & cost effective solutions for tailored made requirement of each client